Dancing in The Cloud -Fog Machine

Provide a stunning effect of clouds on your dance floor for that perfect moment. Perfect for weddings, sweet sixteen dance, or any party! Our dancing in the clouds/fog machine and allows for things like:

Couples Solo Dance
There is that moment when all eyes are on you and your selected usic plays and you dance for everyone. Enhance the moment and make it as though you are dancing in the clouds.

Father/Mother with Kid Dance Solo
As a parent, we want that magical moment where we have a solo dance with our kid. Provide a cloud effect to give it an extra WOW look and feel.

Hazy Fog Effect
We can adjust the settings and pump up the levels to allow for a hazy fog effect on the dance floor while the music takes your audience to another level.

How Much Does it Cost?

Dance in The Clouds/Fog Machine Rental (Prices for DJ Clients Only)

Cloud Effects Through Event – $99.00

(note all prices are flexible depending on total package, add-ons, date, times etc. My goal is to help deliver you a great price along with a great service)

Let’s Talk

I can help create a great package of services for you and your guests. Along with great music, emcee needs, announcements and add-ons, I’ll address any needs you may have.