Custom Monogram Lighting

Monogram lighting is a great way to add a personalized touch to your wedding or event. Our mongram projector will put your names, wedding date, special message, logo, artwork, or anything else in lights.  We will help you create your own custom design. Great for:

One thing that can really take a wedding vibe to the next level is custom lighting. It’s amazing how much of a difference a few simple

Birthday Parties
Put the birth date, names or any design in lights projecting through the night to add an extra level of wow to the event.

Uplighting Choice
Display your company logs, sponsors, and event supporters by having their branding show up during the night on our screens

How Much Does it Cost?

Monogram Lighting & Design (Prices for DJ Clients Only)

Custom Design & Lighting – $150.00

(note all prices are flexible depending on total package, add-ons, date, times etc. My goal is to help deliver you a great price along with a great service)

Let’s Talk

I can help create a great package of services for you and your guests. Along with great music, emcee needs, announcements and add-ons, I’ll address any needs you may have.